Exclusive Korpiklaani "Made In Russia" Documentary for Crowdfunders




The film was shot in Russia between 26th November and 12th December, and is now in post production.


ONLY THE CROWDFUNDERS WILL RECEIVE THE FILM, LIVE MUSIC VIDEOS AND OTHER EXCLUSIVE EXTRAS.At the moment there are no plans to release the "Live In Russia" documentary and music videos in any other format.


As always more is more. The more funding we receive the more we can work on the film, live music videos and extras and so the more the crowdfunders will receive.


At the minimum the “Made In Russia” film will be 1 hour long. If the funding permits we will extend it to 90 min feature length.


Post production is being overseen by me, Kimmo Kuusniemi, and my partner in film Eugene O'Connor. Together and separately we have worked with such names as Black SabbathIron Maiden, Madonna, Rush, Red Hot Chili Peppers... So you can rest assured we will deliver something unique from a unique band. 


Korpiklaani is at best seen live and we have captured the essence of this unique band in this exciting road movie.


Hope you want to be part of this production!


Kimmo Kuusniemi, UK

08.12.2016 Vladivostok, Russia

14.06.2016 Kauniainen, Finland

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