Metal Mass: Haka Kekalainen & Kimmo & Mikko Saari

Metal Mass: Kimmo & Haka Kekalainen & Mikko Saari

Metal Mass: Haka Kekalainen in Rock Church

Metal Mass 1

Metal Mass 2

Interviewing Metal Fans

at FME

Crew & Promo Sisters

FME Audience 1

FME Audience 2

FME Audience 3

FME Audience 4

FME Awards 1

FME Awards 2

FME Entrance


Crew At Rock Church

Tanja In Rock Church

Crew: Mikael Martikainen & Heli Pesonen

Camera: Heli Pesonen

in Inferno Bar

Inferno: Kimmo & Heli & Tony Taleva

Inferno Bar

Promotion Guys

Lauri Porra 1

Lauri Porra 2

Metal Fans 1

Metal Fans 2

Metal Fans 3

Metal Fans 4

Hellsinki Shop and Eerika Vaisanen-Carlsson

Metal Merchandise 3

Metal Merchandise 4

Metal Merchandise:

Metal Milk Cartoon

Metal Merchandise: 

Hellsinki Shop

Metal Merchandise:

Morticia Shop at FME

Metal Merchandise:

Morticia Shop 1

Metal Merchandise:

Morticia Shop 2

Metal Bars in Finland

Mikko Salovaara 

Deep in Guitar Promotion

Pole Dancer at FME

Norther on stage, FME

Piccadilly Circus, London

Titus Hjelm & Kimmo

in London


Kimmo & Tanja

Seawolf Studios: 

Hannu Leiden & Kimmo

Seawolf Studios: 

Esa Playing Air Keyboard

Sarcofagus In Kuusankoski 2

Sarcofagus in Kuusankoski: Juha Kiminki

Sarcofagus in Kuusankoski: 

Esa & Kimmo

Sarcofagus In Kuusankoski

Sarcofagus in Kuusankoski:

 Esa & Kimmo 2

Sarcofagus in Kuusankoski: Kimmo Kuusniemi

Designated Driver: 

Jarkko Hamalainen

Tanja & Jarkko Hamalainen & Maarit Raisanen at Tillikka

Tattoo Session:

Kimmo & Juho & Tanja

Juho Juntunen at Work

Kimmo showing off his new tattoo

Tanja’s Bloody Tattoo

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