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MODEL 1010 13.08.1971 (Date Verified by The Factory Book):

This is an early Sarcofagus Guitar. I bought it 1980. I used it on the Moottorilinnut (Motorbirds) full album length video in a couple of videos. Moottorilinnut (Motorbirds) video was probably the first full album length metal video in the world! You can read more about the video here: Motorbirds Video History.

After Motorbirds I retired from the metal for awhile. This guitar was forgotten and stored in my nephews’ heated storage area. The guitar returned to me in 2012 after 30 years separation and inactivity.

Jim Burns created an original guitar which later became a prototype for the Hayman range, which came about after being hired by the Dallas-Arbiter Organisation to work on a new range of guitars under the name of Hayman. The line lasted from 1969 to 1973, and enjoyed a fair share of popularity. When the contract for the Hayman guitars came to an end, the Shergold company found themselves with significant stocks of part finished instruments and raw materials. With this stock they launched their first guitars under their own brand name from late 1975.

There were 3 models available 1010, 2020 and 3030.

The interesting new technology introduced with these guitars was the Vibrasonic Tone Chamber inside the Honduras Mahogaby body. The chamber has springs that simulate the Stratocaster tremolo strings to add more “twang” into the sound. The pick ups were called Super Flux. The neck “Slender Slim” is maple with rose wood fret board. The frets are ultra low and the action is the fastest I have experienced in a pre 1990 guitars!

This guitar, according to the factory book was made for exhibition. This explains the two filled holes in the body. This guitar has been on some trade show on two spikes as part of the display.

All wear and tear to this guitar happened prior to 1981. Here’s 2 videos from the 1981 “Moottorilinnut” (Motorbirds) album featuring the guitar. There is a 3rd song but it is not yet on Youtube. Enjoy the videos and pictures!

HAYMAN 1010 13.08.1971 Serial Number 40774