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                   "CORE VALUES" Quotes and Reviews

"I can honestly say I have NEVER heard an old cult band who managed to both renew themselves and still keep their original, obscure sound so well. Best. Comeback. Album. Ever."
-The Corroseum: DaN-

"It's decidedly Sarcofagus from the word 'go' till the end of the French version of "2nd coming", the last cut on offer. Then again they were always experimental, weird and OTT on the first two albums as well and "Moottorilinnut" wasn't all fun and hit singles either, was it? "Core Values" is heavy in every sense of the word."
-The Corroseum: Mattila-

"The band's mastermind Kimmo Kuusniemi was way ahead of his time in music, but while metal wasn't actually the most cherished music style at the time, he turned his creative mind into making films and videos for 25 yrs. But the seed for metal in Finland was sown by Sarcofagus and and soon bloomed in bands like Tarot, Zero Nine and Stratovarius to name a few."

"After 25 years of silence Sarcofagus have released "Core Values" -a CD that can't really be described using comparisons to anything done in metal during these past 25 years. The music is definitely metal, but if you want to categorize it you'd better start a fresh category for it, because this CD just don't fit under the usual tags. One might easily make wrong conclusions about grey-bearded "old timers" daydreaming about a come-back, but it'll be better to forget all presumptions with the Sarcofagus Ltd and let the music of "Core Values"-CD do the speaking.
-ProgPower USA: St Enigma-

"After quarter of century one can easily say that the band is living a new spring time through their new "Core Values" album. Even after 10 plays it is easier to describe what the album is NOT than what it IS. In 2007 Sarcofagus is not being retro or repeating the old."


"It is very hard to describe or compare "Core Values" to any recent metal releases. Sarcofagus is like a strange creature that  has lived in a Submarine for the past 25 years which has not heard any human noises and has had to invent everything by itself."

"Uniqueness and certain type half controlled madness makes "Core Values" hypnotic to hear. It is a bold move from a band whose present day condition was hard to analyze until this album."
-Noise.Fi: Antti Kavonen-

"In appreciation to Kimmo Kuusniemi & Co one must say that "Core Calues" is not trying to please anyone. "Core Values" is definitely not part of the Finnish current "light metal", in which the musicians try be tougher than their music is."

"The music roars onwards with endless speed and energy."
-Newspaper Karjalainen: Kimmo Nevalainen-

"Every new play brings up new dimensions. The multi dimensional aspect of the songs is absolutely riveting. One is happy to take on the challenge as albums like "Core Values" are very rare these days in the flood of pre processed, easy to listen, conveyor belt music."

"I dare you to find a more challenging and innovative album than "Core Values" in 2007. This is a fantastic voyage to the outer limits of music."
-Kouvolan Sanomat: Harri Koskinen-