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SARCOFAGUS iPhone / iPod Touch App


- Officially the first Finnish Heavy Metal Band

- First Finnish Heavy Metal Band singing in Finnish

- First Scandinavian Heavy Metal Band to have female vocalist (Muska Babitzin)

- First Scandinavian Band (first in the world?) to release a FULL ALBUM length metal music video (Moottorilinnut-Motorbirds) in 1982. 

- Kimmo Kuusniemi was the 1st spokes person for Finnish Heavy Metal. He also started the Finnish Heavy Metal Association to bring together all the Finnish metal fans.

- First Finnish Metal Band to release a comprehensive iPhone App containing their full latest album.


Single            “Go to Hell/All Those Lies” 1979

Albums:         “Cycle of Life” 1980

                      “Envoy of Death” 1981

                      “Moottorilinnut” 1982,

                      “Core Values” 2007

                      “Live in Studio 1979” 2008


EARLY RELEASES by Devamitra Volksfaust:

Anyone who heard those albums knows that the band didn't just think of a couple of cool title tracks and indulge in filler for the rest. Instead, the albums together work out existential aspects of life and death (such an easily manageable and humble concept) into a narration that aims to teach us to take responsibility for our decisions and stay true to our hearts. Whoa. We are getting at what was truly great about this band: they weren't afraid to cross borders and go for what is dramatic, exciting and worth our time still 30 years later. 

REVIEWS and QUOTES for the new album “CORE VALUES” 2007:

"I can honestly say I have NEVER heard an old cult band who managed to both renew themselves and still keep their original, obscure sound so well. Best. Comeback. Album. Ever."
-The Corroseum: DaN-

"It's decidedly Sarcofagus from the word 'go' till the end of the French version of "2nd coming", the last cut on offer. "Core Values" is heavy in every sense of the word."
-The Corroseum: Mattila-

"The music is definitely metal, but if you want to categorize it you'd better start a fresh category for it, because this CD just don't fit under the usual tags.-ProgPower USA: St Enigma-

"After quarter of century one can easily say that the band is living a new spring time through their new "Core Values" album. Even after 10 plays it is easier to describe what the album is NOT than what it IS. In 2007 Sarcofagus is not being retro or repeating the old." -Imperiumi-

"It is very hard to describe or compare "Core Values" to any recent metal releases. Uniqueness and certain type half controlled madness makes "Core Values" hypnotic to hear."
-Noise.Fi: Antti Kavonen-

The music roars onwards with endless speed and energy."
-Newspaper Karjalainen: Kimmo Nevalainen-

"Every new play brings up new dimensions. The multi dimensional aspect of the songs is absolutely riveting. I dare you to find a more challenging and innovative album than "Core Values" in 2007. This is a fantastic voyage to the outer limits of music."
-Kouvolan Sanomat: Harri Koskinen-

“As one of the world’s first Heavy Metal bands, SARCOFAGUS has been a major influence on many bands around the globe. With the release of this interactive iPhone application, the band is once again on the cutting edge of music innovation just like they were back in 1977.

The App includes the first full album-length Metal Video ever produced (1982), their complete 2007 "Core Values" CD, and several new videos. 

Here’s your chance to see how Heavy Metal began and experience the music format of the future.” (Brendan Biryla,


-1982 Full album length video

  “Moottorilinnut - Motorbirds” (34 minutes)

-2007 Full album “Core Values” (11 Songs - 1 hour))

-New videos  (13 minutes)


-Photo Galleries