To Stansted Airport

with Matt 05:00 AM

Matt Petch, Our 2D & 3D Wizard

Ferry From Sweden03

Ferry From Sweden05

Tanja, Ami & Kimmo


Tanja, Ami & Kimmo

Fancy Karate Moves!

Ville Valo HIM

Ville Valo Int#197

Ville Valo Int#239

Ville Valo Int#337

Ville Valo Int#520

Ville Valo Int#697

Ville Valo is still happy to get free CDs!

Ville Valo & The Crew

Ville Valo & The Crew

At the Psychiatrist

Can Kari Pylkkanen fix us?

Interview for Uutispaiva Demari with Marika Honkatukia

Interview for Uutispaiva Demari: Kimmo & Marika

Meeting in YLE with Producer Sakari Heiskanen

Meeting in YLE with Producer Sakari Heiskanen

Meeting in YLE with Producer Sakari Heiskanen

Enochian Cresent 

Victor & Sister Wrath & Kimmo

Enochian Cresent 05#46

Enochian Cresent 05#139

Enochian Cresent 05#964

Enochian Cresent 05#1004

Enochian Cresent 05#1211

Enochian Cresent 05#1623

Enochian Cresent 05#2422

Enochian Cresent07

Enochian Cresent08


Kimmo & Heli

Kimmo & Heli

Sami Yli Sirnio

Sami Yli Sirnio shredding a Schecter!

Sami Yli Sirnio showing how they play in Kreator

So what about Waltari?

Sami Yli Sirnio showing how they play in Waltari

Sami Yli Sirnio Int#1083

Sami Yli Sirnio Int#651

Lordi Candy for Haloween!

Lordi Int#175

Mr Lordi & The Crew

Lordi Int#309

Lordi Int#1273



Mr Lordi & The Crew

Mr Lordi & Heli & Tanja

Heli & The Camera

Mr Lordi & Kimmo

Laura Oja from Helsingin Sanomat

Laura Oja taking Kimmo’s photo for Helsingin Sanomat

Kimmo posing for Helsingin Sanomat


Helsinki Sights00

Helsinki Sights01

Helsinki Sights03

Meeting Titus Hjelm in Helsinki

Titus in Helsinki

Titus in Helsinki2

Helsinki Sights06

Helsinki Sights12

Helsinki Sights13

Helsinki Sights14

Helsinki Sights16

Kimmo & Jussi Pullinen & Flynn. Interview for Helsingin Sanomat

Interview with Tuomo Karhu for Turun Sanomat

Ari Koivunen

Tanja & Heli #97

Tanja & Heli #99

Alex Hellid from Entombed

Entombed Int#48

Alex & Kimmo

Flynn & Metal Bunnies

Metal Bunny!

Jone Nikula Int #41

Jone Nikula Int #317

Jone Nikula Int #948

Jone Nikula Int #1590

Flynn &Tanja#13

Marco Hietala & Kimmo

Tanja, Marco & Kimmo

Kimmo & Marco from

Nigthwish & Tarot

Joel, Howard & Mike from KillSwitch Engage

Howard & Kimmo

KillSwitch Engage 03#21

KillSwitch Engage 03#67

KillSwitch Engage On Stage 01#67

KillSwitch Engage On Stage 01#99

KillSwitch Engage On Stage 01#160

KillSwitch Engage On Stage 01#250

KillSwitch Engage On Stage 01#321

KillSwitch Engage On Stage 01#332

KillSwitch Engage On Stage 01#413

KillSwitch Engage On Stage 01#624

Rock Town

Tanja, Flynn & Jari

Jari is the old Sarcofagus Roadie!

Kimmo,Tanja & Jari in Rock Town

Chilling out after a bloody hard day!

Chilling out after a bloody hard day!

Finally Rest!

Kalle and Jonne from Korpiklaani

Korpiklaani Int 01#4

Korpiklaani Int 01#16

Korpiklaani Int 01#433

Korpiklaani Int 01#463

Korpiklaani Int 01#478

Tuomo Saikkonen & Kuisma Aalto from Mokoma

Mokoma Int 01#68

Heli Pesonen

Flynn with cables

This Side Up!

Tomi, Tom,Kristian & Kimmo

Kristian from Norther


Tomi Korkalainen talking about how to make guitars

Kristian & Kimmo listening

Tom Gardiner playing 8 string wonder!

Tom Gardiner playing 8 string wonder!

Norther 02#1026


Kursk Custom Guitar

Base Camp

Cabin 01

Flynn exercising

Cabin 02

Flynn exercising

Cabin 06

Flynn exercising

Cabin 00

Kimmo exercising

Cabin 04

Kimmo exercising

Cabin 03

Digital Film Roll

Noxa Int 03#13

Noxa Int 03#104

Noxa Int 03#223

Noxa Int 03#252

Noxa Int 03#260

Noxa Int 03#289

Polito Uruguya 001#331

Tony Kakko from Sonata Arctica

Sonata Arctica 03#301

Sonata Arctica 03#408

Sonata Arctica 03#527

Ville Sorvali, Kimmo & Flynn



Crew 9

Flynn takes this seriously!

Crew 8

Crew 5

Heli Head Banging

Crew 6

Feeling Dizzy....

Crew 7

Crew 8

Heli and muscles!

Stamina Int Pexi&Hyrde#24

Stamina Int Pexi&Hyrde#48

Stamina Int Pexi&Hyrde#113

Stamina Int Pexi&Hyrde#272

Stamina Int Pexi&Hyrde#380

Stamina Int Pexi&Hyrde#746

Stamina Int Pexi&Hyrde#828

Tanja’s Make Up Time!

Heli Pesonen

Writing On The Wall!

Heli at Tavastia


Tavastia Blake 06#82

Tavastia Blake 06#92


Tavastia Blake 06#108

Aaro & Ville Blake

Blake in Tava14

Blake in Tava13

Blake in Tava12

Blake in Tava11

Blake in Tava09

Blake in Tava05

Blake in Tava08

Blake in Tava03

Blake in Tava02

Blake in Tava01

Mega the Man

Helped us like only the Mega Man can!

Carcass Jeff Walker Int#307

Carcass Int#336

Dimmu Borgir#6

Dimmu Borgir On Stage#9

Tuska Audience 097 Dimmu on Stage#77

Sven Atle Kopperud from Dimmu Borgir

Dimmu Borgir Int#66

Dimmu Borgir Int#87

Dimmu Borgir Int#218

Dimmu Borgir Int#222

Dimmu Borgir Int#482

Tanja & Lady #32


Heavy Family Yli-Jaskari

Red House Label

Heavy Family 03#7

Heavy Family 03#26

Heavy Family 03#35

Rony & Tony Osterlund & Crew

Rony #88

Rony Strikes a Pose 001#9

Tuomas Saukkonen, Before The Dawn

Before The Dawn

VIP Area, Before The Dawn Kimmo Tanja#26

Heli Pesonen

Another Crew

Mark talking Metal

Tuska VIP Hanzi & Kimmo #24

Tuska VIP Hanzi & Kimmo & Tanja #180

Tuska VIP Flynn, Hanzi & Kimmo #439

Driving To Turku03

Driving To Turku05

PARTY TIME! It’s  a WRAP! Flynn & Tanja

Pizza & Wine Mmmm!        Heli & Kimmo

Turku Castle- The Place for Posing... Kimmo&Tanja&Flynn

Turku Castle- The Place for Posing... Kimmo&Heli&Flynn

Viking Line Entrance

Ferry From Helsinki02

Ferry From Helsinki04

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