What is Promised Land of Heavy Metal ?

Feature length (90min) HD TV Documentary

Promised Land of Heavy Metal is a documentary about the history and philosophy of Heavy Metal and how it became such a big deal in a small country called Finland.

We tell the story of Finnish Metal, from its early “underground” days to the present success stories, by interviewing famous musicians, experts and events organizers, a psychiatrist and a doctor of theology. The film takes us literally from the graveyard to the Finnish President's palace!

Why is Metal a religion for so many? What are it's links to satanism and ritualistic murders? What made Metal mainstream in Finland? Why does the Finnish Church have Metal Masses?  What’s the future of Metal, after LORDI won the Eurovision song contest and even the President approves? We hear strong opinions: some see Metal as the new folk music, while others detest it’s commercial aspect.

The film is narrated by Kimmo Kuusniemi, a filmmaker, Sarcofagus guitarist and a forefather of Finnish Metal. Kimmo has lived in England for 16 years, and sees the current popularity of Heavy Metal as a strange phenomenon. He was the one who fought for the metal message 30 years ago! What happened in Finland in his absence?

Promised Land of Heavy Metal HD TV documentary is developed with Development Producer Sakari Heiskanen from YLE ( Finnish Broadcasting Company)

Mario Frasca (Evince) Interview from Metal-Rules.com www.metal-rules.com/zine/index.php?option=content&task=view&id=1505

Mario: Finland is all about metal. From old to young, metal is alive and very well there. Finland has some of the best musicians in the world… True talents. At the Gloria Helsinki show I got to watch the International premiere of “Promised Land of Heavy Metal” - the narration by Kimmo Kuusniemi from Sarcofagus, the forefather of Finnish metal and a documentary film maker (http://www.kimmokuusniemi.com). "Promised Land of Heavy Metal" is a documentary about the history and philosophy of Heavy Metal… and what happened to make it such a big thing in a small country called Finland. I was blown away by how metal Finland is, and has been for a very long time. I got to meet and hang out with the forefather of Finnish metal Kimmo who is a super cool dude and he had the first metal band in Finland back in the 70’s. Very friendly - great guy! It was truly an honor. I learned a lot about the metal scene in Finland from the film, how it started and what it meant to the people there. Very very cool film and a must see for all metal heads.

Sakari Yle has this to say...

“This must be the first time Finnish metal music has been documented not only for young enthusiasts but in a way that a non-conformist in an unlikely target group will understand: Is THIS what it’s all about?

For a Finn, this is retrospective about the backgrounds of Finnish metal musical success stories. Maybe for a foreigner it tells a story of a strange European people for whom metal music seems to be a form of becoming globally respected without losing the sense of it’s primary myths.”

Producer: Kimmo Kuusniemi Double Vision Sarcofagus , UK.

The film is aimed for international market and international distribution has already started. The Promised Land of Heavy Metal documentary was presented at the Cannes MipDoc 2008 and received Global Interest.

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